How to create a fully widgetized tabbed content box on blogger

In this tutorial you will learn how to add a tabbed content box on your blogger blog using CSS, XHTML and Javascript in 4 simple steps it will also be fully widgetized so you can easy change colours and rearrange the widgets within your dashboard here's a simple screenshot of what we are going to create in this tutorial.

tabbed content box.

Note this will not work for those who have Javascript disabled in their web browser but most people have it enabled by default if you are not sure if yours is disabled or not check the demo you should see a working tabbed box.
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How to create static pages on blogger

Update Static pages now available in Blogger

In this simple tutorial i will show you how to create static pages within your blog on blogger so you can easy link to them from navigation links within your blog these could be any page you like such as "about me" and "contact me" pages.

so the first thing would be to either use a test blog or download a backup copy of your template before doing this to your blog as i cannot be held responsible if you mess up your blog.

Once you are ready go to your blog and create a new post using whatever title you want for this tutorial i gave mine the title of "About" now add your post content when you have finished click the "Post Options" link found at the bottom of the post editor see screenshot below

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