How to add social bookmark links to blogger

Today im going to show you how to add social bookmark text links below your blog post so people can bookmark it or whatever. So first save a backup copy of your template before editing now you will need to expand widget templates and look for the following code in the screenshot below

next copy the following code
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How to create expandable post summaries on blogger

Today im going to show you how to create expandable post summaries on new blogger this is a great trick for those who have lots of long articles on their blog and would like to show a certain amount of text/images from the beginning of that post on the main page with a read more link at the bottom. So lets get started first i recommend you download a backup copy of your template so if anything goes wrong you can always restore from that. Next we need to make sure we have post pages enabled so go to Settings > Archiving and change Enable Post Pages to yes like mine in the following screenshot below Continue reading »

Copyright infringement

Today I'm a victim of plagiarism the owner of this site has copied my whole blog and the content like a big fool and he has even pointed me to his profile page here on my bloglog and here so just to let my visitors know he has stole my content and I'm waiting to get his site shut down here is a screenshot of my sitemeter Continue reading »

How to make a 4 column blogger template

In this tutorial we will be making a 4 column blogger template based on a two column originally designed by Douglas Bowman so i recommend you create a new blog for this tutorial using the following template

Now we have our template we need to find the header-wrapper CSS code and change the width from 660px to 100% or 990px like ive done below
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