How to display widgets on certain pages in blogger

Today I'm going to show you how we can get widgets to display on certain pages within your blogger blog using if conditional tags

so first i recommend you download a backup copy of your template or use a test blog.

Now for this tutorial I'm going to add a simple HTML/JavaScript widget (it could be any kind of widget) in the title field of the widget i named mine "My Widget"

the reason i did this is so that we can easy identify it when we switch to the edit html tab make sure you have the expand widget templates checkbox checked and find the code for your widget here's a screenshot of mine

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How to split your blogs header into two widgets

This post shows how you can split your blogs header into two widgets like the following screenshot

so i recommend you backup your template or use a test blog for this example I'm going to use the Minima Template so if you are using a different template the code would be different. The default width of the template header-wrapper code is 660px
(if you don't know what I'm talking about see screenshot below)
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