How to remove the quick edit and wrench icons on blogger

I'm writing this post because i get asked by a lot of my friends how they can get rid of those quick edit icons so if you have seen those quick edit icons under your posts and the little wrench spanner icons in the sidebar on your blog you maybe thinking how do i get rid of them or why are they there ?

in fact they are useful if you need to quickly edit your blog post's or a widget in the sidebar you can just click them to instantly edit your post or widget they are only shown to the admin of the blog if you log out you shouldn't see them but i prefer to hide or remove them since i can just login to my dashboard to edit my post or widgets
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How to customize your blogger templates fonts and colours

Today i will show you how to customize the fonts and colours of your template and I'm going to use the template from my previous tutorial but it will work for most templates you just need to find the id or the class name of the element you are trying to style.

Now if you are trying to change the font or colour of the sidebar titles through your blog dashboard it will also change the font and colour of the post date which is not what some of us want so to change that we can either hard code them in the CSS code or define variables for the font and colours i will show you both ways

by default all <h2></h2> tags inherit from this CSS code

h2 {
margin:1.5em 0 .75em;
line-height: 1.4em;

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Create a 3 column blogger template with 2 right columns

In this tutorial i will teach you how to create a 3 column blogger template with two narrow columns on the right and a section above the two columns here's a simple screenshot of the layout I'm planning to teach you to build

now you have an idea what we are going to build lets get started. I recommend you use a test blog for this tutorial using the minima template i always use this template because its an easy starting point once you have your template go to layout > Edit HTML scroll down and delete the width from within the CSS #header-wrapper
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