How to remove the quick edit and wrench icons on blogger

I'm writing this post because i get asked by a lot of my friends how they can get rid of those quick edit icons so if you have seen those quick edit icons under your posts and the little wrench spanner icons in the sidebar on your blog you maybe thinking how do i get rid of them or why are they there ?

in fact they are useful if you need to quickly edit your blog post's or a widget in the sidebar you can just click them to instantly edit your post or widget they are only shown to the admin of the blog if you log out you shouldn't see them but i prefer to hide or remove them since i can just login to my dashboard to edit my post or widgets

so to hide the quick edit icon below the post footer go to layout > page elements and click the edit link for the post widget from within your dashboard and uncheck the checkbox titled "Show Quick Editing" then save now those icons shouldn't show below the post

but they are still showing in the sidebar to remove them go to layout > edit HTML and expand the widget templates and look for the following code

<b:include name='quickedit'/>

each widget you have in the sidebar will have one of them so to save time having to remove each one of them just paste the following code anywhere inbetween the opening <b:skin> tag and the closing </b:skin> tag in your template to hide them


now you can get rid of those icons if you dont want them showing i hope you find this useful and thanks for reading

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In fact, I don't have the quick edit icon and I need it. Any idea why it is not displayed for my blog?

are you using the new blogger templates ? if so try clicking the link titled "Revert widget templates to default" and see if they show up

Yep, worked like a charm. No more wrenches. I love this site and use it often. Nothing but the best here.


I am am abou tto rip my hair out as I have tried what you said several times with no results!!! HELP! I found the code and pasted what you said next to it.... Is that what 'm supposed to do????

what is the url of the site you are using the code on ? to hide the quick edit icons add the following code before the closing ]]></b:skin> tag

Thanks for the elegant solution. I wanted to get rid of the wrenches, so I hit Google, found this, did it, and then blogged about it.

One thing, though, that you might add so people can get this to work: the code has to be in the CSS style section (not the main Blogger styles).

By the way, nice touch with the favicon on blogspot. Maybe we should do that.

You can add it anywhere between the opening <b:skin> tag and the closing </b:skin> tag i will update this post to include this thanks for the comment

I wanted to get rid of them not because they bother me, but beacuse they were not invisible to my visitors!!!

Thanks for the info. I guess it works both ways: in the first style section and in the <b:skin> tags. I updated my post to reflect this. Also found a userstyle (linked to in post) to hide these icons, if that's of any interest to you. Cheerio!

Outstanding and elegant.

Praise the Lord! Thank you SO much! Those wrenches were driving me crazy and I didn't understand why they didn't go away when I turned the quick editing off.

Thank you, thank you! The "revert to default widgets" did not work, and I was so frustrated. This was so easy! You're our hero!

Thanks pal, it worked nicely..Keep rocking!!!!!!!!

Great tips. It's work for my blog! Check it out at Thanks!

This code helped me out alot! Thanks for the post!

Those damn wrenches were getting n my nerves. Now my sidebar looks much cleaner and professional. Thank you so much.

And I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only person bothered by the wrenches, haha.

Worked great!

Thanks worked like a you for the info.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You rock. Thanks.

it works, thanks a lot!!

How do you remove the quick edit and wrench icons from Google friends connect followers widget?

Who was the first blogger to find the solution? I see this all over the internet but no solution to remove quick edit from Google Friend Connect.

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Daniel James

You ROCK!!!! Those nasty little things have been irking me for 18 months. Hugs for all your help :)

Thanks a lot, It really works...

Thanks Man it is awesome my blog is

Hi guys, if you think you may want to use the quickedit icons in the future just add the following to the code, will make the icons invisible but you will still have the code.
<!-- <b:include name='quickedit'/> -->

work like a charm,, thanks

I usually can do it easily, but the templates are more complicated, I really need info like this. Thanx!

thank you thank you thank you!

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