Copyright infringement

Today I'm a victim of plagiarism the owner of this site has copied my whole blog and the content like a big fool and he has even pointed me to his profile page here on my bloglog and here so just to let my visitors know he has stole my content and I'm waiting to get his site shut down here is a screenshot of my sitemeter

he still has the tracking script in the template

UPDATE: Ive notice the site has been taken down now but i will still name and shame anyone who is caught stealing my content without my permission.

Update: This morning i checked my shout box over at blogcatalog and the cheeky thief has finally admitted to stealing my content here is a screenshot of what he said

6 Responses to “Copyright infringement”

You really are going to need to file a DMCA. Any idea why he did this?


Sorry to hear that.
how did you add the tracking script in the template.

good luck

That's really sad & shame is RIGHT!! U take care...

i think u did right. He deserved this kind of treatment.

maybe he was telling the truth. anyway, you did act good, no doubt.

sorry to hear that.....

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