Blogs Record buttons

UPDATE: I notice the site has now closed down !!

yesterday i decided to make some nice buttons for Blogs Record a new social blog directory here is a screenshot of the buttons

click the image to go over there and join if you would like to meet more bloggers and get your button they also have a forum where you can chat with other members and add your blog for more readers its just another blog directory with a few extras check it out

4 Responses to “Blogs Record buttons”

You have a great design of a blog ;) love your color scheme for the template.
I have my own BlogsRecord buttons design, but yours are better I think hi hi hi...

hey jamiz!
you have done a great job personalizing your blogs! impressive if i may add. I will join blogs record shortly after this but I think should stick to the standard 80x15px buttons. thanks for the info! hey I tweaked a blogspot template i found from bloggerbuster. come and check it out appreciate your review!

wow! another batch of cool creations by jamiz! keep it up! ^-^

thanks for adding me in your blogcatalog list of online friends. we have some things in common. for one, i am also very interested in learning all those web development tricks on my own. however, i must admit that my knowledge is not as advanced as yours. blogger is indeed an excellent site to apply all those learnings. thanks for sharing your knowledge on the web. your blog is very informative.

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