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Today i will show you how you can change the little email post icon seen at the bottom of the post I've made a few free icons with different colours for anyone who wants to change theirs here are the actual icons right click and choose save picture as

so first go to edit html tab and you will need to tick expand widget templates see screenshot below

now you will need to look for the code I've highlighted above in black and change it like i have done below

now copy the following CSS code changing the red text to where ever you are hosting your icon

.post-icon {
margin:0 0 0 .5em;
background: url("http://yourlink.gif") no-repeat left;

and paste it like i have done below just before the closing skin tag

now preview your template if you did this right you will have a new icon at the bottom of your post footer enjoy please do not give these out on your site these are what i created

9 Responses to “Free email post icons”

nice job. i need a 3 column blog like yours. could you help me with that.

Tried it on my blog and it works! Thanks dude!

Thanks, great tips. I think your site is cool. A great resource for bloggers. Keep up the great work.

thanks so much...
I'll be back to get another one for my other blog :)
and I'll put your link in my resources category....

Ahh modifying templates. Aint that a great thing.. Its kind of a hobby for someone i know. LOL

It worked! and it looks awesome too :))

Looks like the email post icon is not showing up(put the link is present). Must be some technical glitch I guess.

Any suggestions?

It's done! I hosted the image in
Thanks for the support though! :)

Thanks, this did the trick!

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